The Greatest Revolution of Broadcasting Technology
has just begun now...

The Digital Migration of Broadcasting offers plenty of place for old and new Players and Audiences
to develop their businesses within the same Broadcast Spectrum.
However, the International Migration Planning Organizations have so far not catered for Special Applications
which require an Individual Footprint such as Community Television Broadcasting.

We have developed Solutions which allow all Television and Radio Broadcasters
for Participating the Digital World and making this new Dream become Reality!

  • Digital Television and Radio Products and Solutions for Home, Mobile, and Autommitive use
  • Digital Terrestrial Radio Broadcasting across Continents
  • Individual Solutions for Self-operated TV and Radio beyond Shared Multiplex Operation
  • Utilization of New Broadcast Spectrum offers Space for some Hundreds of new TV and Radio Channels
  • Additional Innovative Data Services provided by Digital Technology
  • Low Budget Turnkey Solutions available for Local Broadcasters
  • Solutions utilizing the latest Digital Broadcast Standards such as DVB-T2 L-Band and DRM (all Bands including DRM30 and DRM+)

We provide total concepts. STARWAVES - Your Digital World!

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