Do you wish to reach for the stars?

STARWAVES is within your reach to get your digital content onto any waves and back to listener’s ears and viewer’s eyes.

Now entering its fourth decade of digital experience and third decade in digital broadcast technologies, STARWAVES has set its focus on products and services around the terrestrial propagation and reception of digital broadcasting signals with specific focus on the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Standard.

As a member and supporter of several international consortia and federations, STARWAVES has access to all relevant technological developments and decision making processes in this field.

Our extensive knowledge in the technological field and co-operation with the industry leaders within the digital broadcasting technology sector guarantees STARWAVES also to provide unbiased high quality consulting services for broadcasters, governments and other commercial and non-commercial interest groups. Thereby our specific aim has always been on solutions for community radio and TV and supporting the underprivileged members of our society.

And with its own R&D facilities, STARWAVES has developed and continuously develops a variety of products including professional and personal receivers and transmission equipment. We also accept OEM requests for tailor-made solutions.