STARWAVES Transmission Equipment

STARWAVES supplies its own lowpower transmitter and DRM-modulator for local broadcasters at an unbeatable low-cost price.

For high-end broadcasting, STARWAVES provides a large range of professional broadcasting equipment from various manufacturers, always guaranteeing the best cost-benefit-ratio and most convenient solution for each specific application.

STARWAVES DRM-Transmitter series examples:

DRM – T100 / 100 Watts true rms linear DRM Transmitter for local broadcasting operation, 500kHz – 30MHz.

DRM – M130 / Low-cost DRM Modulator with integrated content server. Output power and frequency adjustable.


One of the greatest innovations for Community TV: This integrated standalone DVB-T2 multiplexer and modulator can be used for individual television stations to broadcast their own digital signal – e.g. using a 1.7 MHz wide DAB frequency in VHF Band III or the L-Band.


This all-in-one DRM content server and multiplexer can be user by any radio station to put up their own station without complicated configuration or maintenance. It is also very cost-efficient and affordable even for a small community radio station.