STARWAVES Milestones

  • 1995STARWAVES, originally named MUSIC & BYTES, is founded in Hannover by Johannes von Weyssenhoff as a music recording and publishing company
  • 1996First entire digital CD production
  • 1997Dedication of our own full digital recording and mixing studio
  • 1998Implementing of our own CD production line
  • 1999Setup of our own life-streaming webservers
  • 2000Internet Live-stream operation for “Hitradio Antenne” – First Livestream in Lower Saxony
  • 2001Start of the terrestrial digital broadcasting business
  • 2002Kick-off of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) receiver development
  • 2003Presentation of World’s first stereo DRM receiver at IFA, Berlin; Membership of German DRM Forum
  • 2004Presentation of world’s first combined DRM-DAB-Receiver at CeBIT, Hannover Company changes its name to its registered Trademark STARWAVES
    STARWAVES becomes DRM-Supporter
    Start of development of DRM transmitter and modulator
    STARWAVES wins the “Hannover Impuls” award
  • 2005Initiation of “”, a DRM transmitting project in Hannover, exploring the advantages of frequency hopping within the 11m-Band; Presentation of world’s first DRM/DAB HiFi receiver at IFA, Berlin and IBC, Amsterdam
  • 2006DRM transmitter of DITITAL11 goes on air;
    Presentation of the “Golden Carpet” by the Mayoress of the City of Bad Muender; STARWAVES wins the “Innovation Award 2006″ (Innovationspreis der Deutschen Industrie, gestiftet von der Initiative Mittelstand) for its DRM-DAB-Receiver W37
    Membership of the USA DRM group
  • 2007STARWAVES presents the world-first automotive DRM solution (Car Box); Launch of the World’s first DRM+ transmission as part of STARWAVES’ trial broadcasting initiative in Hannover
  • 2012STARWAVES develops a new approach to individual DTT broadcasting in the L-Band for community television in South Africa
  • 2013STARWAVES presents the World’s first Standalone DTT exciter for DVB-T2 broadcasting in the L-Band at 1.7MHz bandwidth for community television
  • 2015STARWAVES initiates Africa’s first DRM+ trial project
  • 2017STARWAVES and WECODEC start Africa’s first DRM trial and wins the 2017 DRM Enterprise Award; Presentation of Africa’s first multi-standard (DRM30/DRM+/DAB+) Receiver at IBC
  • 2019STARWAVES presents its new DRM module at MBT in Budapest
  • 2020STARWAVES presents a new series of DRM Receivers including the Tuktuk Radio at BES in February and the W293BT in September at Virtual IBC