2024 Best BES Ever – STARWAVES Excels in Delhi!

DRM’s 2024 BES Exhibition booth was dominated by items and sensations presented, provided or organized by STARWAVES. Starting with STARWAVES’ own products, the latest W2401 Receiver was now demonstrated in its final shape – production is now finally starting and orders can be placed. Purchase links will be published here soon.

STARWAVES also showcased a number of examples how the STARWAVES DRM Softradio App can be implemented: For example in an Android Car Stereo or an Android boombox. Both exhibits were very low level products to show that very few hardware performance is required for the setup to function. The devices were connected to a 20 USD RTL-SDR stick turning them into full-blown DRM receivers.

The main attraction – also prepared and demonstrated by STARWAVES – was a fully integrated Android smart phone with built-in digital receiver chipset allowing the handsfree set to receive DRM without dongle!

Last but not least it was also STARWAVES who organized the SUZUKI Maruti Car on the booth as well as the AM re-transmission equipment allowing for AM indoor reception of the AIR Nangli DRM transmission.

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DRM at BES – A Video Journey

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