App Upgrade

Urgent Update Required!

After a very successful launch of the STARWAVES DRM SoftRadio App we have now released Version 1.31 with very important updates. Please don’t miss it otherwise your app may run dry from 01 of December 2021 as the initial license has been expired!

Also we have a number of improvements for you which are:

– RTL-SDR based RF dongles: improved discovery of “SDR driver” app on Android 11 and newer

– Tuner Dialog: VHF band frequencies shown as MHz by default, instead of kHz

– Android: removed some unnecessary app permissions

RTL-SDR based RF dongles: added auto-start of the RTL TCP server on Android; user no longer needs to start the RTL tool manually

– Improved performance of DRM demodulation libs

– Tuner Dialog: added displaying of dongle name in “Advanced Parameter” View

– Tuner Dialog: added graphical display of DRM sync status

– SPI decoder: fixed possible app crash

– SPI decoder: fixed possible issue with displaying of SPI/EPG information

– Android Notification: refactored functionality

2 responses to “App Upgrade”

  1. Jose Rodrigues says:

    I would like to get a STARWAVES DRM SOFTRADIO for Windows. Is there any possibility of release?

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