STARWAVES DRM SoftRadio Changelog

STARWAVES DRM SoftRadio Changelog – Copyright 2020-2024 STARWAVES GmbH

– Fixed unreliable reception bug in RTL-TCP implementation
– Updated audio decoder

– Improved reception performance
(improved signal filtering with reduced CPU load)
– Added supported for AirSpy Mini and AirSpy R2 Receiver Dongles
(DRM-FM only; DRM-AM via frequency upconverter)

– Added new default icons
– Updated audio decoder
– Improved performance of core and decoder modules

– Added required changes to support Android 13
– Android no longer offers to open unrelated files with the app
– Internal improvements and optimizations
– Updated decoder modules

– Tuner Dialog: added button for tuner frequency upconverter (e.g. “Ham It Up”)
(only visible if tuning frequency is below 30 MHz)
– Improved performance of core and decoder modules

– RTL-SDR based RF dongles: improved discovery of “SDR driver” app on Android 11 and newer
– Tuner Dialog: VHF band frequencies shown as MHz by default, instead of kHz
– Android: removed some unnecessary app permissions

– RTL-SDR based RF dongles: added auto-start of the RTL TCP server on Android; user no longer needs to start the RTL tool manually
– Improved performance of DRM demodulation libs
– Tuner Dialog: added displaying of dongle name in “Advanced Parameter” View
– Tuner Dialog: added graphical display of DRM sync status
– SPI decoder: fixed possible app crash
– SPI decoder: fixed possible issue with displaying of SPI/EPG information
– Android Notification: refactored functionality
– Important licensing update

– SDRplay family of RF SDR dongles (Mirics based) now supported on all Android platforms, incl. 64-bit version
– Improved signal quality indicator

– Fixed GUI error

– Added support for native AM-band reception on RTL-based SDR dongles (for those USB sticks explicitly supporting AM band reception)
– Improved persistent caching of received content (including service logos, Journaline)
– Improved user feedback in tuning dialog regarding valid frequencies
– Default unit for tuning dialog changed from MHz to kHz
– Audio volume controlled by Android
– Welcome instructions in addition contain direct link to ‘SDR driver’ in Amazon Appstore

– GUI refactoring
– Added translations
– Fixed Android App Crash starting with Android 9 (API 28)
–> Occurred when the error view should be displayed

– Added better APK shutdown

– Added proper license check

– Combined DRM-AM and DRM-FM logo to DRM