Installation Notes for RTL-SDR Dongles

As stated earlier, the use of RTL-SDR Dongles is still experimental. However, with the latest release (1.1.0) we have added the support of the AM-Band with direct sampling but this is not automatically supported by many of the common RTL-SDR hardware devices. Please check the vendor’s information what is reported within the RTL-SDR community about the specific hardware that you are using or intend to purchase.

Before operating your RTL-SDR dongle you need to download and then manually start the SDR Driver App that can be found here.

As long as the driver is not active, the DRM SoftRadio app will indicate that no dongle is detected:

No dongle

Please make sure your dongle is connected. Now run the SDR Driver app and press “START STREAM”. When prompted, you may also select the Autostart setting of the driver app to simplify future operations.

Driver started Autostart

You may now go back to STARWAVES DRM SoftRadio. The “No Tuner Dongle detected!” message should now disappear and the reception icon turn to red, yellow or green (depending on reception status, mots probably red because you have not yet tuned into a valid DRM frequency) and you may now select your desired frequency and check the spectrum (by pressing “Advanced” and then “Show Spectrum”):

Tune Advanced

That’s all!