Supported Dongles

For live reception, an SDR RF dongle must be connected to the device’s USB port (with USB host functionality). The following SDR RF dongle families are currently supported, along with a range of specifically tested models:

– Airspy HF+ family:
Airspy HF Discovery, Airspy HF+ (Dual Port).
(Note: Airspy Mini and R2 are NOT supported.)

– SDRplay family:
SDRPlay RSP1A, SDRPlay RSPdx, SDRPlay RSPduo, SDRPlay RSP1, SDRPlay RSP2, SDRPlay RSP2pro, MSI.SDR Panadapter – since the latest now available for all Android versions including 64-bit!

– RTL-SDR family:
The support for RTL-SDR based RF dongles is only experimental and requires that you manually start the following separate tool before opening this app (on standard port ‘14423’): The app ‘SDR driver’ by Martin Marinov can be installed from the Google Play Store and other Android app stores. Please visit our RTL-SDR Special Section for further information!

Please note that dongles not mentioned here will probably not work. If you have any questions please leave a message at our contact form.